Opening a vein

Recently, I interviewed the CEO of a company. He was telling me how much his staff cares about their customers, and he said, “Our people would open a vein for them.”

As a storyteller who loves a good juicy quote, I couldn’t leave it off the front page of the website, could I? It’s raw, powerful, and real, especially in his line of business, which tends to be conservative, which hides behind messaging in which every company just sounds like another version of each other.

But the company took it out. They’re conservative. They didn’t want to be too “out there” on their website even if he’d said it, and even if it’s true.

I wasn’t surprised. Being different, taking a risk with authenticity, is putting a lot of money on the line. What if the customers think you’re too out there?

But then, which is riskier: being distinctive, or blending in?

Can you spot the grasshopper? He blends in well--good for the grasshopper, not good for business.

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